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Gallery 5, Oops!

Occasionally I make a goof and a piece gets wrecked.  Usually it immediately goes into the firewood box.   But by posting them here they'll at least be displayed.

This was intended to be a candle bowl.  Thin and pierced with a glass-enclosed candle that shines through.  The wood is elm, whiter than usual because there's a lot of sapwood.  Lots of little knots because it came from a knobby branch that had been pruned frequently.
The growth rings swirled around in such a way that I was reminded of flames.  The piercing was bordered between two growth rings.  For a while I toyed with the idea of adding colour to enhance the flame motif, but it looked pretty good just plain.
I had problems right from the get-go because, for some reason, the strips of wood between the piercings came out too thin.  It was too fragile.
But it looked good so I figured maybe it will turn out OK so I kept piercing.
Until OOPS!  I bumped it wrong and broke out some of the flimsy material. 
Oh well, I guess I'll finish it and keep it for myself.