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Gallery 4, Misc.

Juniper Watercandle Holder, 5 inches high at the top of the wood.
This piece was featured as "woodturning of the week"  in June, 2013
on the American Association of Woodturners home page.

Spin tops

Birchflowers made from birch root burl with analine dyes.

Its purpose is to contain a votive candle to shine through the open spaces

Juniper natural edge tea-lites

Beetle Pine tea lite candle holders

First offset tea light

Dyed elm.

Boxelder Burl tea lite candle holders.

Elm tea lites


Purpleheart goblet                                                                                          Birch goblet

 Christmas ornaments.

 Beetle pine with dyed birch & acrylic sparkle paint.
Beetle pine with acrylic sparkle paint.                               Elm and birch burl with dyed birch and acrylic sparkle paint.
Cottonwood, boxelder burl, elm, birch burl with acrylic sparkle paint.


Paperweights/manifiers, compact mirrors, key chains with engraved Boxelder burl inserts.