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Gallery 3, Hollow, Thin and Pierced

Pierced Birch Vase

Under construction

Completed Vase, 8 inches high.

Juniper (aka aromatic cedar or eastern red cedar)
6" wide by 2" high.
Birch Burl hollow forms.

BoxElder hollow form with tea-light candle insert.

Elm hollow forms with tea-light candle inserts


 Birch root burl box.

Decorative "egg" box, thin and pierced with butterfly.  Inside is a Swarovski Chrystal butterfly.

Birch Burl thin hollow form with maple leaf design
Pierced, pyrography and watercolours.  People ask, "What's it for?" and the answer is it really has no purpose, it's an ornament.  But because they ask I add a tealite candle holder to give it purpose.

Birch thin hollow form with maple leaf design. 
This is my first attempt at symetrical design.