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 Art Betke


Art Betke was born in Kelowna, BC and grew up in that area. 

Art’s first woodturning experience was in Rutland Senior Secondary School shop class half a century ago and he was hooked.  In that class he turned a chess table with inlaid squares that he sold to world renowned artist, Zeljko Kujundzic, ( http://www.claireart.ca/zk/zkmain.htm) his art teacher at the time. 

In 2014 his daughter Claire http://www.claireart.ca/index.htm sent him a picture of that table, still in the family.

In 1980 Art purchased his first lathe but soon realized that he lacked the necessary skills and knowledge and gave it up.  In 2005 he was given some shop tools which included a lathe and he took up the craft again.  This time with ample resources available he was able to develop his craft.

Art has won 2 local woodturning competitions and his work was featured in a 2011 exhibition at Studio 2880 In Prince George. 

Art lives and works in Prince George BC, his home since 1985.


(b. 1947, Kelowna, BC)


Art Betke is a local Prince George woodturner, a member of the Prince George Community Arts Council and the Prince George Woodturners Guild.  Most of his work is sold locally but he has a few pieces in Mountain Galleries, Jasper Park Lodge.

Art developed his style by instruction from local master craftsman, the late Pat Baker, seminars by world class turners Brian McEvoy and Art Leistman demonstrations by fellow turners and a great deal of experimentation plus the massive resources of the internet.  One of his pieces was featured in Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Magazine. https://www.canadianwoodworking.com/get-more/maple-leaf-bowl

Art has progressed from basic turning to works enhanced with colour and carving and delicate thin pieces with designs and piercings.  He continues to explore and develop his woodturning in new directions.



Artist’s Statement

There is a part of me that likes to create, that derives satisfaction from taking a piece of wood and turning it into something pleasing to the eye.  I find enjoyment in discovering the best applications for different grains of disparate woods.  I enjoy the process of making intricate, delicate pieces, yet I also like to turn quick, simple, basic forms and everything in between. 

I believe art should appeal to the aesthetics of the viewer.  There are forms and colours and combinations of the two that appeal to the human eye, it’s part of our being and that’s why art is infused in everything from cars to clothing to appliances to gardens and buildings.  When I make my pieces I’m not concerned with function, they’re more to be looked at than used, and as long as they please me and the people who see them, then I have succeeded in my goal.

I live with my wife Dorothy and our dog Misty in Prince George, BC.  I'm a member of the Prince George Woodturners Guild (http://www.pgwoodturners.com) and the Prince George Community Arts Council.  My works are sold through Studio 2880 in Prince George (http://www.studio2880.com/), Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George(http://www.tworiversgallery.ca/), at Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont in Jasper (http://www.mountaingalleries.com/)  and at local craft fairs.

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