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Art Betke

Vase made from Box Elder. 
Pierced and cut away until it's a delicate ribbon of what it was.    
                                                    View from the top
Birch Vase
10 inches high, turned thin and pierced, painting by a combination of analine dye and watercolours.

Mountain Ash vase
9 inches high, turned thin and pierced, watercolours.

Birch, 12 inches high, turned thin & pierced, watercolours.

Ash Vase
Maple leaf bowl, birch, pierced and watercoloured.
This piece was featured in the June, 2013 issue of
Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement magazine.

Birch root burl natural edged goblets
Lidded goblet with ebony pedestal and finial topped with diamond.
 (Okay it's not a real diamond.)
4" high by 4" wide.
I call these next two "Birchflowers"
6" high 

Birch root burl bowl, 7.5" wide, 5" high.
Top view.

Lidded bowl. 
Yellow Cedar Burl and Ebony